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      Best Mountain Bike Racks of 2022

      Updated on August 27, 2020

      Even if you are lucky enough to have great trails on your doorstep, you will want to travel further from home with your bike at some point. To transport your bike, there are a couple of options. Either you fit it inside your vehicle or attach it to the outside with a rack. The latter is better if you (or your other half!) want to avoid getting dirt inside your vehicle. So how do you find the best mountain bike rack for you?

      We have written this guide to help you understand what to look out for and decide which kind of rack you need for your vehicle. We have also made some suggestions of the best racks available to help you make a decision.

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      Quick Answer The Best Mountain Bike Racks

      Thule Insta-Gater ProView at BackcountryFox Tailgate CoverView at BackcountryThule ProRideView at AmazonKuat Transfer 2View at AmazonSea Sucker TalonView at Amazon


      Comparison Table Best MTB Racks

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      Name Bike Capacity Price Rating Review
      Thule Insta-Gater Pro 1 $ 4.5 Read Review
      Fox Tailgate Cover 6 $ 4.6 Read Review
      Thule ProRide 1 $$$ 5.0 Read Review
      Kuat Transfer 2 2 $$$ 4.3 Read Review
      Sea Sucker Talon 1 $$$ 4.5 Read Review
      Name Bike Capacity Price Rating Review

      Reviews The Best Racks for Mountain Bikes

      Thule Insta-Gater Pro


      Bike Capacity: 1

      PROS: Quick installation and mounting, wheels do not need to be removed and the frame is not clamped, stable even on uneven roads

      CONS: Only holds one bike (up to three can be used alongside each other), not compatible with short beds

      View at Backcountry

      Fox Tailgate Cover


      Bike Capacity: 6

      PROS: Easy installation, small and large sizes available

      CONS: None

      View at Backcountry

      Thule ProRide


      Bike Capacity: 1

      PROS: Fast and easy mounting, automatic positioning, clamp spreads loads to avoid damage

      CONS: Only holds one bike (more can be used alongside each other), unclear installation instructions

      View at Amazon

      Kuat Transfer 2


      Bike Capacity: 2

      PROS: Sturdy, will not damage frames, almost any bike will fit, can be pivoted away to allow access to vehicle

      CONS: Can be tricky to align wide handlebars

      View at Amazon

      Sea Sucker Talon


      Bike Capacity: 1

      PROS: Innovative design uses sucker pads to stick to the roof, can be easily installed on almost any vehicle

      CONS: No peace of mind that it is actually attached properly

      View at Amazon








      Roof mounts are secure and have the advantage of not getting in the way of the trunk. You do have to be careful when driving under bridges because you have extra height on your vehicle.

      It is easy to forget this and it is critical that you do not just drive straight into your garage when you get home as the door will almost certainly not be tall enough. The consequences are a seriously damaged or destroyed bike and car. Fortunately, there are some solutions to help remind you.


      TOW BAR

      If you have a tow bar, there are racks that will fit it. They are sturdy but often come with a higher price tag.



      If you do not have a tow bar and cannot fit a roof mount to your vehicle, then a strap mount will almost certainly fit on your trunk. Although very compatible, strap mounts are less stable when going over bumps and the stored bikes are easy targets for thieves.



      Pickup trucks can transport bikes in the bed with more elegant solutions than just throwing them in. There are mounts that fit in the bed itself and mats that lay over the tailgate to which bikes can be attached.



      Your chosen type of bike rack should have a stable connection to your vehicle and hold the bikes securely in place. You do not want your bikes to be wobbling around as you drive around bends.

      It is important that you focus on driving safely rather than thinking about whether your bike is going to stay on the rack or not. Consider additional methods of securing your bike.



      How easy would it be for a thief to remove a bike and steal it? Some racks have additional security features like locking bars. Regardless, it is a good idea to always keep your vehicle in sight when bikes are mounted on it.



      If you will be loading bikes onto your rack every day, then you are very lucky to be able to ride so often! Regular use means you will enjoy having a rack that is easy to load bikes on to. If you will only use your rack occasionally, then you will probably not mind a longer mounting process.



      If you have spent a lot of money on your bike, then you should think twice about buying a cheap rack. The more you spend, the lower the chances of your pride and joy falling off.

      Remember that your bike will be battered by a fair bit of dust and debris while on the rack. It is, therefore, important to clean it once you get home.


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