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      Best Mountain Biking Glasses of 2022

      Updated on September 28, 2020

      Glasses are an essential piece of kit for mountain bikers because they do so much more than just cut out the suns glaring rays. The mountain biking experts at The Adventure Junkies have pulled together a list of the top 10 best mountain biking glasses for all types of conditions, so your eyes will be protected from everything on the trail. Sun protection, eye protection, and plenty of style points are all on offer in the list below.

      If you’ve ever been out riding and caught some dust or dirt in your eyes or perhaps even had a low hanging tree branch whip you across the face, you’ll understand why sunglasses are a worthwhile investment for any mountain biker.

      We’ve included sunglasses with large frames that provide maximum eye protection, as well as glasses that come with colored lenses that are designed specifically for shredding trails. We’ve even selected a few shatterproof frames and scratch resistant lenses, all of which are bundled into a super high tech and lightweight package. Now all you need to do is select the pair for you and get riding into the setting sun!

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      Quick Answer The Best Mountain Biking Glasses

      Tifosi DavosView at BackcountryRyders Rockwork Anti-FogView at AmazonTifosi Crit Fototec PhotochromicView at REIShimano S-Phyre XView at BackcountryOakley Evzero StrideView at Amazon100% GlendaleView at AmazonOakley Radar EV Path PrizmView at Backcountry100% S2View at BackcountryPOC CraveView at BackcountryOakley Flight JacketView at Backcountry


      Comparison Table Best Mountain Biking Glasses

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      Name Case Included Polarized UV Protection Best Use Price Rating Review
      Tifosi Davos Yes No Yes Daytime, Low Light, Night Time $ 4.2 Read Review
      Ryders Rockwork Anti-Fog No No Yes Low Light $ 4.1 Read Review
      Tifosi Crit Fototec Photochromic Yes Yes Yes All Light Conditions $ 4.7 Read Review
      Shimano S-Phyre X Yes Yes Yes Daytime and Low Light $$ 4.5 Read Review
      Oakley Evzero Stride Yes No Yes Daytime And Lowlight Trail $$ 5.0 Read Review
      100% Glendale Yes No Yes Variety $$ 4.7 Read Review
      Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Yes No Yes Daytime And Lowlight Trail $$ 4.8 Read Review
      100% S2 Yes Yes Yes Lowlight And Trail $$$ 4.1 Read Review
      POC Crave No Yes Yes Bright Light $$$ 4.4 Read Review
      Oakley Flight Jacket Yes No Yes Daytime And Lowlight Trail $$$$ 4.2 Read Review
      Name Case Included Polarized UV Protection Best Use Price Rating Review

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      Reviews The Best Glasses for Mountain Biking

      Tifosi Davos


      Best Use: Daytime, Low Light, Night TimeFrame Material: TR-90Lens: Smoke, Red And ClearPolarized: NoUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: Yes


      Vented Lenses For Increased Air FlowAdjustable Nose Piece Provides Maximum ComfortGlare Guard Offers Clear Vision Even In Full Sunlight


      The Tifosi Davos Cycling Sunglasses are a great choice when you’re looking for lots of options at a lower price point. They come with three different lens options that will suit the majority of light conditions. This package comes with a smoke lens, which has a darker grey tint suitable for bright daytime riding, a clear option for night riding, and a unique red lens which increases contrast – perfect for trail riding, especially when riding on dappled light trails in the middle of the afternoon. The adjustable nose piece means you can micro-adjust the fit for ultimate comfort, not to mention they get some style points for a low cost option too.

      View at BackcountryView at Jenson USA

      Ryders Rockwork Anti-Fog


      Best Use: Low LightFrame Material: Grilamid TR90Lens: ClearPolarized: NoUV Protection: YesCase Included: NoReplaceable Lens: No


      Impact And Scratch Resistant LensAnti-Fog Technology For Clear VisionAdjustable Nose Piece For Comfort


      We’ve all been there — the trails are technical, your speed is reduced, and suddenly your glasses are fogged up and you can’t see anything in front of you. Well check out the Ryders Rockwork Anti-Fog Sunglasses, featuring a clear lens with anti-fog technology to keep your vision clear even when you’re huffing and puffing and accidentally fogging up your lenses. These sunglasses are also impact and scratch resistant, so they can definitely take a beating on the trail! Plus, they have an adjustable nose piece made from a super high tech material that actually grips to your skin when wet to stop them from sliding off your face. Not bad for a pair of glasses at this price point!

      View at Amazon

      Tifosi Crit Fototec Photochromic


      Best Use: All Light ConditionsFrame Material: Grilamid TR90 NylonLens: Enliven PhotochromicPolarized: YesUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: Yes


      Adjustable Arms For Better Fit Over Your EarsImpact Resistant Frame And LensLightweight Design


      Photochromic lenses are an endurance athlete’s best friend because no matter how the light conditions change throughout your long training sessions or races, these lenses will alter their tint to match the light. That means you don’t have to think about swapping lenses or choosing which glasses to use before you head out on the trails. They have all the features you would expect from a quality pair of sunglasses, including an adjustable nose piece and arms that allow you to find the perfect fit, a lightweight and impact resistant frame, and a scratch resistant lens. This is a quality pair of sunglasses that are a bit of a no-brainer for the avid mountain biker.

      View at REI

      Shimano S-Phyre X


      Best Use: Daytime and Low LightFrame Material: Grilamid TR90Lens: Cloud MirrorPolarized: YesUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: No


      Removable Frame For Rider CustomizationReversible Nose Piece For Comfort FitLarge Lens For Good Eye Coverage


      Cycling sunglasses have never looked so good. The Shimano S-Phyre X Cycling Glasses look like a cross between sunglasses and goggles with a huge lens that provides superior eye coverage for sun protection and safety from flying debris. The Cloud Mirror Lens is suited to low light and daytime conditions making them perfect for riding shaded and open trails. The impact resistant yet lightweight frame features a removable bottom section so that you can customize the look of these sunglasses to make them your own.

      View at Backcountry

      Oakley Evzero Stride


      Best Use: Daytime And Lowlight TrailFrame Material: Grilamid TR90 frameLens: Prizm TrailPolarized: NoUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: No


      High Definition For Exceptional VisionUltra LightweightGlare Reduction Technology


      Oakley is one of the most well known and reputable brands in the sports sunglasses market and for good reason. Their range of sunglasses is truly impressive – with styles, colors, shapes and specificity to sport unmatched by virtually any other brand.

      The Oakley EVZero Stride Cycling Sunglasses are made for mountain bikers, with a specific Prizm Trail Lens. This lens is designed with high definition and glare reduction technology to ensure you can clearly see the trail ahead when light conditions are varying – such as dappled light or low light. Plus these sunglasses are ultra lightweight and made from high tech and high quality materials giving further reason to check these out for your next pair of cycling sunglasses.

      View at Amazon

      100% Glendale


      Best Use: VarietyFrame Material: Grilamid TR90 frameLens: 2 Options Dependant On Frame SelectionPolarized: NoUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: Yes


      Shatter Proof FrameExtra Large Lens For Optimal VisionAdjustable Frame For Micro-Adjusting Fit


      Another big name, or should we say big number, that has launched head first into the cycling sunglass market is 100%. It’s no wonder they have made a big impression with their range of super cool and really high quality products. The 100% Glendale Sunglasses come in a range of colors so you can choose the one that best suits you and each is paired with two specific lens options. This pair offers you everything from a super dark lens that suits bright light and wide open trails through to a yellow lens for night riding. The large lens and frame style is great for maximum eye protection and also adds plenty of style too.

      View at Amazon

      Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm


      Best Use: Daytime And Lowlight TrailFrame Material: Grilamid TR90 frameLens: Prizm TrailPolarized: NoUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: Yes


      Trail Specific LensDesigned For Maximum AirflowAbility To Change The Lens To Suit Varying Light Conditions


      These are one of the most popular sunglass styles from mountain biking pros to weekend warriors. The Oakley Radar EV sunglasses have been on the scene for years and are not going anywhere anytime soon. The Radar EV’s offer a sleek and timeless style that suits most face shapes and sizes. This particular model is even fitted with a mountain bike specific lens, the Prizm Trail. Designed for trail riding and dappled light conditions, they feature cut outs for ventilation to keep you cool and eliminate fogging. Lenses can be purchased separately and are easily interchangeable so you can use these for any style of riding you choose.

      View at Backcountry

      100% S2


      Best Use: Lowlight And TrailFrame Material: Grilamid TR90 frameLens: Red Multilayer And ClearPolarized: YesUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: Yes


      Two Lens Options Ultra Grip Nose PieceLong Arms To Keep Them In Place


      Worn by 3-time World Champion Mountain Biker Peter Sagan, you know these sunglasses are going to be pretty legit. Like most sunglasses from the 100% brand, these have maximum style points with their oversized frame and large lens, plus they are quality made to back it up. The lens featured in this model is a multilayer red which heightens color and contrast, making them the lens of choice for riding in low light conditions such as on wooded trails or when riding at dawn and dusk. Also included is a clear lens, so they are basically two pairs of sunglasses in one.

      View at Backcountry

      POC Crave


      Best Use: Bright LightFrame Material: GilamidLens: GreyPolarized: YesUV Protection: YesCase Included: NoReplaceable Lens: Undisclosed


      Riple Treatment To Prevent Fogging And Grime On The LensFits Close To Face For Eye SafetyLightweight Frame Design


      If you’re a fair weather rider who prefers open trails and likes to mix it up with some road riding too, the POC Crave Sunglasses could be the right option for you. This pair comes with a dark lens that is best suited to bright daytime riding. The frame is designed to fit close to your face to stop debris from coming under the sunglasses. They also have proprietary Ripel Treatment that prevents fogging and grime when riding. The nose piece is made of a high tech rubber that stays firmly in place even when you’re sweating on those hard rides and hot summer days.

      View at BackcountryView at Amazon

      Oakley Flight Jacket


      Best Use: Daytime And Lowlight TrailFrame Material: Proprietary Material (“O-Matter”)Lens: Prizm TrailPolarized: NoUV Protection: YesCase Included: YesReplaceable Lens: Yes


      Adjustable Frame Helps To Reduce FoggingSemi-Frameless Design For Maximum VisionImpact Resistant Frame And Lens


      The ultimate in mountain biking sunglass technology is the Oakley Flight Jacket. These are designed specifically for those hot and sweaty rides when your sunglasses would usually fog up and impact your vision. They have a special tab in the middle of the sunglasses that you can flip up to increase the distance the sunglasses sit from your face to prevent fogging, plus they feature a semi-frameless design – where the top piece has no frame to further reduce fogging. These are a high tech piece of kit and the price tag does reflect this, but if fogging is a big problem for you, these sunglasses could be your solution.

      View at Backcountry






      There is a huge variety of lens color options, with everything from dark to bright yellow through to clear which all suit a variety of different light conditions. Think about where you ride and what time of day you usually hit the trails, as well as what the light conditions are usually like to best choose the lens to match. Some sunglasses come with two lens options or give you the ability to buy additional lenses so you can interchange them with the same set of frames. Read more about how to choose the right sunglasses for each light condition here.



      Glasses come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit different face shapes. Keep in mind the larger the frame and lens, the greater the eye protection. Think about the size of your face and your own personal style and then choose a pair that you think will match you the best.



      Glasses are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes or providing greater contrast in light and dark, especially on mountain biking trails. If you buy polarized sunglasses, then they’ll even reduce the amount of glare you see from light bouncing off of shiny objects like cars or your friend’s bike in front of you on the trail!

      However, sunglasses also protect your eyes from loose debris that may be kicked up from the tires of your bike or from branches that overhang the trail. Even in low light and dark conditions it is important to protect your eyes, which is why many glasses are available with yellow or clear lenses to suit those conditions.






      The small rubber piece that sits on the bridge of your nose. It is often made from a high tech rubber to help keep your glasses in place and provide additional comfort.


      The two long and thin prongs that sit on top of your ears. 


      A specially designed coating for lenses that reduces glare. Some lenses have alternate technology to being polarized such as the Prizm Trail Lens on the Oakley Sunglasses.


      Some glasses come with interchangeable (removable) lenses of different colors. This allows you to tailor your eye protection to your specific riding and light conditions.


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