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      Best SUP Paddles of 2022

      Updated on March 16, 2022

      Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) paddles are quite different than canoe or kayak paddles because of the standing position you’re in when you paddle. A SUP paddle is a one-sided paddle with an extra-long shaft that should reach the water without the user bending over. So, what makes the best SUP paddles stand out from the others?

      The best SUP paddles are lightweight, durable, adjustable, and affordable. They also tend to carry the best ratings and feature the best quality construction. Taking all these factors into consideration, here are our top picks.

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      Quick Answer The Best SUP Paddles

      Werner Flash 85View at REIAirheadView at AmazonAqua-Bound LyricView at AmazonBoardworks Kraken AdjustableView at AmazonBPS Adjustable Two-PieceView at AmazonAbahub 3-PieceView at AmazonKIALOA Makai FGView at REI


      Comparison Table Best SUP Paddle

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      Name Length Weight Floatation Price Rating Review
      Werner Flash 85 Adjustable from 54-70” 1 lb 10 oz Unknown $$ 4.3 Read Review
      Airhead Adjustable from 63” to 86” 2.75 lbs No $ 4.3 Read Review
      Aqua-Bound Lyric Adjustable from 64-74” (small) or 70-80” (large) 1 lb 7.5 oz Yes $$ 4.8 Read Review
      Boardworks Kraken Adjustable Adjustable from 70-86” 1 lb 6 oz No $$$ 4.8 Read Review
      BPS Adjustable Two-Piece Adjustable from 71” to 84” 2.1 lbs Yes $ 4.6 Read Review
      Abahub 3-Piece Adjustable from 68-84” 35 oz Yes $ 4.1 Read Review
      KIALOA Makai FG Adjustable from 70-86” 2 lbs Yes, When Assembled $$ 4.5 Read Review
      Name Length Weight Floatation Price Rating Review

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      Reviews The Best Paddles for Stand Up Paddleboarding

      Werner Flash 85


      Material: Fiberglass Shaft, Injection-molded BladeFloatation: UnknownGrip: Palm GripLength: Adjustable from 54-70”Weight: 1 lb 10 ozBlade Offset: Yes, 10 Degrees


      Length And Height Are Printed On The Shaft For Easy ReferenceSlender, Rectangular Blade That’s Easier For Kids To HandleImpact- And Wear-resistant Blade Tolerates Rough HandlingKid-sized Handle That Fits Better In Smaller HandsTwo-piece Paddle Comes Apart For Transport And Storage


      This paddle is the perfect choice for kids from about ages 6-13 to learn on. The adjustable height grows with your child from 3 ft 8 in to 5 ft, when they graduate to an adult-sized paddle. The light swing weight and small blade are easier for kids to maneuver without getting worn out.

      The straightforward paddle makes paddleboarding accessible to younger crowds with its straight shaft, simple adjustment system, and affordable price. Kids tend to be tough on their “toys” too, but this paddle is ready for it with its reinforced blade. Get the whole family in on SUP-ing this year!

      View at REI



      Material: Aluminum Shaft and Plastic, Fiberglass-reinforced BladeFloatation: NoGrip: T-Shaped HandleLength: Adjustable from 63” to 86”Weight: 2.75 lbsBlade Offset: Unknown


      Lightweight Oval Shaft Minimizes Arm FatigueBlade Is Reinforced With Fiberglass For Durability And LightweightBright Summer-Friendly ColorsAdjustable One-Piece Shaft


      You’d be hard-pressed to find a used paddle for the cost of this brand-new one. If you just want to get out on the water and aren’t picky about how, then this paddle is a great place to start. Children and those who just want to try stand-up paddleboarding should find this paddle works just fine for their needs.

      Because it’s made out of inexpensive materials, the paddle is a little on the heavier side and may not stand up to rigorous everyday use. Even still, the paddle is still manageable and sufficient for even small paddlers if they’re just looking for some uninhibited fun.

      View at Amazon

      Aqua-Bound Lyric


      Material: Carbon Fiber Shaft, Polymer BladeFloatation: YesGrip: Contoured Palm GripLength: Adjustable from 64-74” (small) or 70-80” (large)Weight: 1 lb 7.5 ozBlade Offset: Yes, 10 Degrees


      Low Swing Weight And Flex Reduce Arm FatiguePolynesian Blade Graphic Enhances Aesthetic AppealBreaks Down Into 2 Pieces For Portability And StorageDesigned For Women With A Smaller Blade And Lighter WeightTwo Sizes And Adjustable Length To Accommodate More Riders


      The Lyric was made specifically with a woman’s smaller frame in mind. The smaller features and lighter weight enhance usability without being wimpy. The blade has a powerful force with a forgiving flex that makes for a smooth, enjoyable experience.

      Carbon fiber has some of the most durable qualities while maintaining a light weight, so it’s no wonder the material was chosen for this particular paddle. Combined with the reinforced blade, this paddle isn’t for the dainty of heart. It can withstand the rigors your hardcore stamina places on it.

      View at Amazon

      Boardworks Kraken Adjustable


      Material: Carbon Fiber Shaft And Fiberglass BladeFloatation: NoGrip: Palm GripLength: Adjustable from 70-86”Weight: 1 lb 6 ozBlade Offset: Yes


      Separates Into 2 Pieces For Easy Storage And TransportFeatures A Bamboo Print That Matches The Kraken SUP BoardsReinforced Blade Edging Protects Against DamagePalm Grip Fits The Contour Of Your Hand To Reduce Fatigue


      At 1lb 6oz, the Kraken paddle is one of the lightest weight models on this list of top paddles, which means it’s one of the easiest to manage. It practically floats with you through the water as each stroke gives you a good boost. The weight also allows you to test your endurance because it won’t fatigue your arms as fast as heavier varieties.

      Its lightweight qualities aren’t the paddle’s only notable features: the paddle is also durable and stylish like its namesake board. The bamboo veneer around the blade features the same seafaring design as the Kraken board for a coordinated look.

      View at Amazon

      BPS Adjustable Two-Piece


      Material: Aluminum Shaft, Nylon BladeFloatation: YesGrip: Ergonomic T-Shaped HandleLength: Adjustable from 71” to 84”Weight: 2.1 lbsBlade Offset: Yes


      Strong, Reliable Construction With Lightweight FeelTwo-Piece Paddle Comes Apart for Storage and TransferErgonomic Handle and Paddle Shape for User-Friendly UseEasy Length Adjustment That Locks Into Place


      This popular paddle has high ratings and scores of fans on Amazon because of its inexpensive price and practical construction. In fact, this paddle is a prime choice if you need multiples for groups or rental purposes. The adjustable height accommodates almost every paddler in your group.

      The company offers a 12-month “bulletproof” guarantee should anything happen to the paddle, which takes some of the pressure off of your decision. This SUP paddle floats, weighs less than a baseball bat, and works efficiently in the water with its ergonomic design, so you shouldn’t have any problems favoring it.

      View at Amazon

      Abahub 3-Piece


      Material: Aluminum Shaft, Fiberglass And Polymer BladeFloatation: YesGrip: Oval Ergonomic HandleLength: Adjustable from 68-84”Weight: 35 ozBlade Offset: Yes, 10 Degrees


      Carbon Composite Shaft Keeps The Paddle Lightweight And ForgivingErgonomic Handle Reduces Hand FatigueQuick-adjust Shaft With Pin-button Locking MechanismComes With A Travel Bag To Carry The Disassembled 3-piece PaddleOffset, Concave Blade Shape For Smooth, Powerful Strokes


      You’re looking all over for a SUP paddle, unsure what to pick with all the information you have to sift through. Well, my friend, this Abahub model won’t do you wrong, especially if you’re wavering about price or user-friendliness. It has a middle-of-the-line seriousness about it that meets your most basic needs (as long as you’re over 5’ tall).

      The paddle offers reasonable mechanics with its lightweight, durable design. The blade powers you through the water with a level of flexibility that prevents it from breaking or yanking. Meanwhile, your hands rest comfortably up against the ergonomic grip. When it’s time to pack up, the paddle breaks down into 3 pieces and fits inside the included storage case for convenience.

      View at Amazon

      KIALOA Makai FG


      Material: Fiberglass Shaft And BladeFloatation: Yes, When AssembledGrip: Palm GripLength: Adjustable from 70-86”Weight: 2 lbsBlade Offset: Yes, 8 Degrees


      Shaft Is Reinforced With A Carbon Layer And The Blade Is Reinforced With NylonPalm Grip Fits The Contour Of Your Hand To Reduce FatigueSimple Palm Lever Allows You To Adjust The Length On-the-goTwo-piece Construction Makes The Paddle Easier To Transport And Store


      The main design focus of the Makai was on durability, especially for limit-pushing riders and renters. You know the kind, the ones who give meaning to “ride it like a rental.” The reinforced blade and shaft stand up against the rocks, tree trunks, and sand bottoms you’ll inevitably push up against anyway.

      The adjustable handle accommodates riders of different sizes. All you have to do is lift the lever on the handle and pull the shaft to lengthen it. Switching between riders is a cinch! The same lever disconnects the two pieces of the paddle so you can slide them into your trunk or storage cubby.

      View at REI





      SUP paddle shafts and blades are usually made out of some combination of plastic, carbon fiber, aluminum, fiberglass, and nylon. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, but the desired final product is always a lightweight yet durable paddle. Aluminum and nylon tend to be on the cheaper and slightly heavier side while fiberglass and carbon fiber increase the price but are even lighter and higher quality.



      The best SUP paddle should reach the water without having to bend over (too short) or reach too high (too long). To get the length right, you typically want to add 8-12” to your height. When you stand the paddle on end next to your body, you should be able to hold the grip with your hand straight above your head. You just need to find an adjustable paddle within this correct size range.



      The shape, size, and offset of the blade affects how you move through the water. Generally, larger people do well with larger, more powerful blades and smaller blades are easier for smaller people to wield. The bottom of the blade will either have an arching teardrop shape or a rectangular shape. Teardrops provide a more powerful stroke while rectangular blades take less effort for leisurely paddling. Finally, the offset has a subtle effect on your stroke and most recreational paddles have around a 10 degree offset.



      SUP paddles can be pretty long and cumbersome when you consider your storage options at home. A paddle that breaks down into two or three pieces is easier to transport in a vehicle and store in a basement or garage than a long one-piece paddle. If your space is limited, consider whether or not your paddle will fit.



      The difference between a 1lb paddle and a 2lb paddle may sound trivial until you multiply it by thousands of strokes over the course of a single trip. The lighter the SUP paddle, the less fatigued your arms get, so choose a lighter model especially if you plan to be on the water for awhile.

      REI offers a more in-depth explanation about how to choose the perfect SUP paddle.





      The shaft of an SUP paddle is the long handle portion between the grip and blade. The length and material the shaft are made out of influence how well you paddle.


      The blade is the wide, lower part of the paddle that dips into the water and propels the paddleboard forward. The blade’s offset angle, surface area, and shape affect the power of your stroke.


      The offset of the blade is the angle it forms in relation to the shaft. An offset around 10 degrees is practical for most recreational paddlers while a 12 degree offset is best for racing.


      The portion at the top of the paddle that you hold in your hand is refered to as the grip. A T-shaped grip looks the way it sounds with a bar that crosses the handle. An oval or palm grip fits right into the middle of your hand. Some grips are rubberized to make them easier to hold.


      Ergonomics is the study of efficiency. As it pertains to SUP paddles, ergonomics refers to how easy the paddle is to use, how friendly the grip is on your hands, and how well the paddle maintains your posture. Proper ergonomics help prevent strain and misalignment.

      Check out this link for a visual representation of the anatomy of an SUP paddle.


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