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      Best Surfboard Bags of 2022

      Updated on June 2, 2021

      Surfboards aren’t cheap. If you’ve made the decision to buy your own board, you’re going to want to protect it. Surfboards can (usually) withstand being tossed around in the water, but this isn’t the case on land. Your surfboard is delicate, which is why you need a bag to defend it against dings, nicks, scratches, and other types of damage. The best surfboard bags also make transporting your surfboard much easier, whether you’re heading to catch waves at the beach or in a different country. This list was compiled to help new surfers choose the right surfboard bag for their needs. Take a look and care for your baby for years to come.

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      Quick Answer The Best Surfboard Bags

      Pro-Lite Session Fish/HybridView at AmazonCurve DayView at AmazonDakine Daylight Surf HybridView at AmazonAbahub PremiumView at AmazonFCS Day All PurposeView at AmazonDAKINE RegulatorView at AmazonPro-Lite FinlessView at AmazonWave TribeView at AmazonCreatures of LeisureView at Evo


      Comparison Table Best Surfboard Bags

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      Name Capacity Padding Type UVA/UVB Protection Lengths Price Rating Review
      Pro-Lite Session Fish/Hybrid 1 Board 5mm 5 mm UV Reflective Fabric 5’6, 5’10, 6’0, 6’3, 6’6, 6’10, 7’2, 7’6, 8’0, 8’6 $$ 4.6 Read Review
      Curve Day 1 Board 3mm Shoulder Strap UV Reflective Fabric 5’9, 6’0, 6’6, 6’10, 7’2 $ 4.1 Read Review
      Dakine Daylight Surf Hybrid 1 Board 6.25 mm Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap UV Reflective Fabric 5’4, 5’8, 6, 6’6, 7’ $ 4.5 Read Review
      Abahub Premium 1 Board 5mm Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap UV Reflective Fabric and Ventilation 6’, 9’6, 10’6, 11’6 $$ 4.3 Read Review
      FCS Day All Purpose 1 Board 5mm Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap Ventilation 5’6, 5’9, 6’0, 6’3, 6’7 $$ 4.0 Read Review
      DAKINE Regulator 3 Boards 10mm Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap UV Reflective Fabric 6’0, 6’5, 7’0 $$$ 4.9 Read Review
      Pro-Lite Finless 3-4 Boards 10mm Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap Ventilation 6’6, 7’0, 7’6 $$$ 4.7 Read Review
      Wave Tribe 3-4 Boards 13 mm + 13 mm In Nose And Tail Roller Wheels, Hand Strap UV Reflective Fabric 6’8, 7’6, 8’6, 9’6 $$ 4.8 Read Review
      Creatures of Leisure 1 Board 5mm Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap None 6’3, 8’0 $$ 4.2 Read Review
      Name Capacity Padding Type UVA/UVB Protection Lengths Price Rating Review

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      Reviews The Best Bags for Surfboards

      Pro-Lite Session Fish/Hybrid


      Type: 5 mmCapacity: 1 BoardLengths: 5’6, 5’10, 6’0, 6’3, 6’6, 6’10, 7’2, 7’6, 8’0, 8’6Padding: 5mmUVA/UVB Protection: UV Reflective Fabric


      Flexible Tail Section Allows For Less Stress On The Fins Of Your BoardTop Zipper Makes It Easy To Slide The Board In And Out External Pocket For Storing Keys, Wax, And Other ValuablesPadded Reinforcement At The Nose And Edges Of Bag Protect Board From Damage


      Pro-Lite specializes in making high-quality surfboard bags. This bag does all that you could ask of it. At one end, it’s much wider, which allows you to store your surfboard without removing the fins. It may not be the best bag for air travel, but it will serve you well if you need a bag that keeps your board safe from home to the beach. With a zipper at the top, it’s easy to slide your board in and out. Pro-Lite offers this bag in many different sizes so you can find a size that holds your board snug to secure it well and keep it protected during travel.

      View at Amazon

      Curve Day


      Type: Shoulder StrapCapacity: 1 BoardLengths: 5’9, 6’0, 6’6, 6’10, 7’2Padding: 3mmUVA/UVB Protection: UV Reflective Fabric


      Reflective Tarpaulin Shields Your Board From The SunPocket Opens Into Main Compartment Which Allows For Wetsuit StorageLightweight Bag Is Easy To Transport


      Not really sure if you need a surfboard bag? This model from Curve will allow you to try one out without spending too much. Be careful though, because it doesn’t have very much padding. However, this does make the bag very lightweight. One unique feature of this bag is a zipper that opens directly into the main compartment. Most bags have pockets, but they are very small. Having access to the main compartment will allow you to store bulky things, like your wetsuit or a towel, in your surfboard bag as well.

      View at Amazon

      Dakine Daylight Surf Hybrid


      Type: Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand StrapCapacity: 1 BoardLengths: 5’4, 5’8, 6, 6’6, 7’Padding: 6.25 mmUVA/UVB Protection: UV Reflective Fabric


      Comes In Two Different StylesDesigned To Store Wider Or Alternative Styled Surf BoardsExternal Pocket For Storing Shoulder Strap, Fins, And Other Surf AccessoriesMade With Heat And Water Resistant Fabric


      Is your board shaped in a unique way? If so, you’ve probably been frustrated trying to find a bag that fits your board. This surfboard bag from Dakine is very wide, so your board will fit no matter its shape. It’s also quite protective. The padding is thick, but the fabric is heat and water-resistant. You’ll have to remove your surfboard fins, but there is a pocket in the bag where you can store them. All in all, this is a solid surfboard bag.

      View at Amazon

      Abahub Premium


      Type: Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand StrapCapacity: 1 BoardLengths: 6’, 9’6, 10’6, 11’6Padding: 5mmUVA/UVB Protection: UV Reflective Fabric and Ventilation


      Flexible Tail Section Allows For Board Storage Without Removing FinsLarge Exterior Pocket Can Fit Many Different Belongings2 Different Air Vents Keep Boards CoolExtra Wide Design Fits Large BoardsExtra Long Bag Can Be Used For Storing A SUP Board


      This surfboard bag is the largest on the list. It was designed to fit extra-long surfboards and stand up paddleboards. You also can decide how you want the bag to fit around your board. If you want to leave your fins on, the bag extends and can accommodate that preference. If you want the bag to fit snug, you can choose to velcro down the end of the bag. Reviewers rave about the durability and construction of the bag. This is an all-around solid bag.

      View at Amazon

      FCS Day All Purpose


      Type: Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand StrapCapacity: 1 BoardLengths: 5’6, 5’9, 6’0, 6’3, 6’7Padding: 5mmUVA/UVB Protection: Ventilation


      Stretch Fit Keeps The Bag Snug Around Your Board3D Design Without Seams Keeps Rails Of Surfboard SafeAvailable In 4 Different ColorsFeatures A Unique Ventilation Strip To Keep Your Board Cool


      FCS brings a unique approach to the surfboard bag with this design. First off, the zipper is only located at the bottom of the bag, which allows for the edges of the board to be adequately covered. This also makes the bag extremely lightweight. In the middle of the bag is what FCS calls an ‘armadillo strip’. This provides ventilation to the board while keeping the bag snug around your board. This bag isn’t recommended for long-distance travel, but if you want a snug bag for your board, this is it.

      View at Amazon

      DAKINE Regulator


      Type: Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand StrapCapacity: 3 BoardsLengths: 6’0, 6’5, 7’0Padding: 10mmUVA/UVB Protection: UV Reflective Fabric


      Extra Thick Padding Keeps Your Board Safe During TravelExternal Compression Straps Keep Your Boards Snug In The BagTwo Internal Padded Dividers Keep Boards Shielded From Damaging One AnotherHeavy Duty Zipper Makes Bag Durable And Long-Lasting


      Serious surfers love this bag. It can haul all your surfboards comfortably no matter where you may be traveling. The bag has two internal pads which shield the boards from one another during transportation. What really makes this bag shine, though, is its durability. The shoulder strap connects at four different points instead of only two, so you won’t need to worry about it giving out over time. The bag has vents, a heat reflective bottom, and padding on every single inch. You won’t ever worry about your boards when using this elite bag from Dakine.

      View at Amazon

      Pro-Lite Finless


      Type: Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand StrapCapacity: 3-4 BoardsLengths: 6’6, 7’0, 7’6Padding: 10mmUVA/UVB Protection: Ventilation


      Extra Wide Design Allows For Multiple Boards To Be StoredMultiple Interior And Exterior Storage Pockets Compression Straps On The Outside And Inside Of Bag Keeps Boards Locked In PlaceNon-Corrosive Zipper Makes Your Bag Extra Long Lasting


      This surfboard bag is massive! It will hold 3 or 4 boards comfortably and will keep them secure with multiple internal and external compression straps. The best part is, this beast of a bag will hold much more than just your surfboards. You can use exterior and interior pockets to store all of your surfing accessories. The bag is heavy with a thick layer of padding and its molded hand strap and adjustable shoulder strap make it easy to carry. If you plan on traveling with a bunch of your surfboards, consider this bag.

      View at Amazon

      Wave Tribe


      Type: Roller Wheels, Hand StrapCapacity: 3-4 BoardsLengths: 6’8, 7’6, 8’6, 9’6Padding: 13 mm + 13 mm In Nose And TailUVA/UVB Protection: UV Reflective Fabric


      Has An Interior Pocket For Storing Fins And LeashesDouble Padding At The Tip And Tail Keeps Fragile Parts Of Board CushionedMade With Eco-Friendly HempInternal Alloy Reflective Heat Shields Your Board From The Sun


      Wave Tribe surfboard bags are made with high-quality hemp, which will definitely take your surfer style to the next level. Style aside, this bag is super protective. It features the thickest padding on the list and has double the padding on more fragile parts of the surfboard, the tip and the tail. On top of that, it has internal heat protection that will cover your board when sitting out in the sun. It’s really the ultimate surfboard bag if you’re going to be transporting multiple surfboards to another country.

      View at Amazon

      Creatures of Leisure


      Type: Removable Shoulder Strap, Hand StrapCapacity: 1 BoardLengths: 6’3, 8’0Padding: 5mmUVA/UVB Protection: None


      Made With Water Resistant FabricReinforced Padding On The Shoulder And Hand Strap Makes Transport ComfortableMade With Built To Last, Quality Tested Materials


      Creatures of Leisure is a respected name in the surfing community. Each of their products is tested to ensure they perform at the highest level possible. This bag features the companies’ own patented Diamond-Tech fabric. This fabric is waterproof and will shelter your bag from extreme elements. The padding on the bag may not be the thickest, but this bag will last for a really long time.

      View at Evo





      The last thing you want is to order a bag that doesn’t fit your surfboard. That being said, you also don’t want a bag that isn’t snug. A loose fit will allow your surfboard to shift around during transportation and make it much more prone to dings, nicks, and scratches. Make sure to measure the length of your longest board you plan to use the bag for before deciding which bag length is right for you.



      What do you want out of your surfboard bag? If you need a bag that will allow you to store your surfboard at home, throw it in the back of your trunk, and take it to the beach, then a bag that holds a single surfboard should do just fine. These bags, however, don’t feature as much padding as bags that hold multiple surfboards.

      Bags that hold multiple surfboards, often referred to as coffins, are far more suited for long-distance travel. For this reason, they have much more padding for protecting the board. Serious surfers prefer a larger bag because they can take all their boards to the beach and then decide which board they want to surf on.



      How protective do you want your bag to be? Surfboards can take a beating while being transported. If you’re careful, you can get away with less padding. But if you don’t want to worry about your board getting dinged up during travel, then consider a bag with more padding to for maximum protection. And keep in mind that the amount of padding in a bag will also affect how heavy it is.



      A surfboard bag makes transporting your surfboard simple and hassle-free. Most bags feature an adjustable shoulder strap and a hand strap for carrying, which makes them easy to transport. However, if you are buying a larger or bulkier surfboard bag, consider buying a bag with wheels. It will be far easier for you to navigate through busy airports or public transportation stations with a wheelie bag than one you have to carry by hand.



      Surfboards have a protective laminate layer that prevents the board from long-term damage. If your board is exposed to too much heat, this protective layer can start to delaminate (or “de-lam” as surfers call it.) Surfboard bags prevent de-lamming from happening in two different ways:

      UV Reflective Fabric: A layer of reflective fabric will shield your surfboard from the damage of direct sunlight. If you leave your other boards in the bag while you’re out catching waves, a bag with this technology is important to protect your boards while they sit in the sun waiting to be used.

      Ventilation: A bag with ventilation will keep your board cool if you plan to store it in a warm place, like an attic or the back of your car, for instance.





      If you happen to purchase a larger surfboard bag, compression straps will protect your board from shifting around in the bag. This will ultimately keep your boards better protected.


      Bags with a flexible tail section allow you to store your surfboard without removing the fins. You will still want to be extra cautious while transporting your boards even when your bag comes with a flexible tail section. But bags with this feature will get your board to the beach without having to remove the fins.


      Bags that fit multiple boards typically feature an interior board divider. This protects your boards from damaging one another during transportation.


      Bags with a zipper located at the fin will allow you to slide your board in and out of the bag.


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